Separatista::SeparatistaDocument Class Reference
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Separatista::BranchElement Separatista::Element

Public Member Functions

 SeparatistaDocument (const wchar_t *pNamespace, bool bEnableAutoMagic=true)
 Construct an empty document.
 SeparatistaDocument (const wchar_t *pNamespace, xercesc::DOMElement *pRootDOMElement, bool bEnableAutoMagic=false)
 Construct a separatista document from a xerces document.
IOErrorCode toDOMDocument (xercesc::DOMDocument *pDocument, xercesc::DOMElement *pParent, const ErrorOptions errorOptions=ThrowExceptions) const
 Destructor. More...
const wchar_t * getNamespaceURI () const
IOErrorCode saveAs (const wchar_t *pPath)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Separatista::BranchElement
void fromDOMDocument (xercesc::DOMElement *pDOMElement, const ErrorOptions errorOptions=ThrowExceptions)
ElementgetElementByTag (const wchar_t *pTagName, size_t nIndex=0) const
ElementcreateElementByTag (const wchar_t *pTagName, size_t nIndex=0)
TagKeyRange getAllByTagName (const wchar_t *pTagName)
void destroyElement (Element *pElement)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Separatista::Element
const ElementDescriptorgetElementDescriptor () const
void addElementListener (ElementListener *pElementListener)
void removeElementListener (ElementListener *pElementListener)
const wchar_t * getTag () const
virtual const wchar_t * getTextValue () const
virtual void setValue (const wchar_t *pValue, const ErrorOptions errorOptions=ThrowExceptions)
virtual const wchar_t * getAttributeValue (const wchar_t *pAttributeName) const
virtual void setAttributeValue (const wchar_t *pAttributeName, const wchar_t *pValue)
time_t getDateValue () const
void setValue (const time_t Value, bool bWithTime=false, const ErrorOptions errorOptions=ThrowExceptions)
int getIntValue () const
void setValue (const int Value, const ErrorOptions errorOptions=ThrowExceptions)
double getDoubleValue () const
void setValue (const double d, const ErrorOptions errorOptions=ThrowExceptions)
bool isEmpty () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Separatista::Element
enum  ErrorOptions { ThrowExceptions = 0, ClearValue, AcceptValue }
typedef std::map< const TagKey, Element * > TagKeyMap
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Separatista::BranchElement
static ElementcreateElement (const ChildElementDescriptor *pChildElementDescriptor)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Separatista::BranchElement
 BranchElement (const ChildElementDescriptor *pChildElementDescriptor)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Separatista::Element
 Element (const ChildElementDescriptor *pChildElementDescriptor)
virtual ~Element ()
ElementgetParentElement () const
void onElementValueChanged (const wchar_t *pNewValue)
 Calls a registered ElementListener's elementValueChanged.
void onElementCreated (Element *pChildElement)
 Calls a registered ElementListener's elementCreated.
void onElementDeleted ()
 Calls a registered ElementListener's elementDeleted.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Separatista::Element
static void deleteElement (Element *pChildElement)

Member Function Documentation

◆ saveAs()

IOErrorCode SeparatistaDocument::saveAs ( const wchar_t *  pPath)

Writes the DOM document to a local file path

pRootElementThe element to create the document from
pPathThe path to write to
Error code

◆ toDOMDocument()

IOErrorCode SeparatistaDocument::toDOMDocument ( xercesc::DOMDocument *  pDocument,
xercesc::DOMElement *  pParent,
const ErrorOptions  errorOptions = ThrowExceptions 
) const


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Reimplemented from Separatista::BranchElement.

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