ISeparatistaDocument Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for ISeparatistaDocument:
SepaControlUnknown< ISeparatistaDocument > SepaControlDispatch< ISeparatistaDocument > SeparatistaDocument

Public Types

enum  DocumentNamespace {
  INVALID = -1, CAMT_053_001_02, PAIN_001_001_03, PAIN_008_001_02,

Public Member Functions

STDMETHOD() QueryInterface (REFIID riid, void **ppvObject) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetTypeInfoCount (UINT *pctinfo) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetTypeInfo (UINT iTInfo, LCID lcid, ITypeInfo **ppTInfo) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetIDsOfNames (REFIID riid, LPOLESTR *rgszNames, UINT cNames, LCID lcid, DISPID *rgDispId) PURE
STDMETHOD() Invoke (DISPID dispIdMember, REFIID riid, LCID lcid, WORD wFlags, DISPPARAMS FAR *pDispParams, VARIANT FAR *pVarResult, EXCEPINFO FAR *pExcepInfo, unsigned int FAR *puArgErr) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetNamespaceText (BSTR *pNamespaceText) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetNamespace (DocumentNamespace *pNamespace) PURE
STDMETHOD() SetNamespace (DocumentNamespace NameSpace) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetEnableAutoMagic (VARIANT_BOOL *pEnableAutoMagic) PURE
STDMETHOD() SetEnableAutoMagic (VARIANT_BOOL EnableAutoMagic) PURE
STDMETHOD() GetRootElement (IElement **ppElement) PURE
STDMETHOD() Save (LONG hWnd, Separatista::IOErrorCode *pErrorCode) PURE
STDMETHOD() SaveAs (BSTR Path, Separatista::IOErrorCode *pErrorCode) PURE
STDMETHOD() Open (LONG hWnd, Separatista::IOErrorCode *pErrorCode) PURE
STDMETHOD() OpenFrom (BSTR Path, Separatista::IOErrorCode *pErrorCode) PURE

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