Separatista::AutoMagic Class Referenceabstract

#include <automagic.h>

Inheritance diagram for Separatista::AutoMagic:
Separatista::ElementListener Separatista::AutoMagicFactory< T > Separatista::CountAutoMagic Separatista::SumAutoMagic

Public Member Functions

 AutoMagic ()
 Empty c'tor.
 AutoMagic (Element *pBaseElement)
 C'tor for AutomagicFactory, doesn't create valuepath.
 AutoMagic (Element *pBaseElement, const wchar_t *pWatchPath, const wchar_t *pValuePath)
virtual void elementValueChanged (Element *pElement, const wchar_t *pNewValue)
virtual void elementCreated (Element *pParent, Element *pChild)
virtual void elementDeleted (Element *pElement)
virtual void doValueMagic (Element *pElement, const wchar_t *pNewValue)=0
 Called from PathWatcher when the final element's value changes.
virtual void doCreatedMagic (Element *pParent, Element *pChild)=0
 Called from PathWatcher when the final element is created.
virtual void doDeletedMagic (Element *pElemenet)=0
 Called from PathWatcher when the final element is deleted.

Static Public Member Functions

static void installAutoMagic (SeparatistaDocument *pDocument)

Protected Member Functions

ElementgetValueElement ()

Detailed Description

Base class for all AutoMagic.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AutoMagic()

AutoMagic::AutoMagic ( Element pBaseElement,
const wchar_t *  pWatchPath,
const wchar_t *  pValuePath 

Creates ValuePath and sets listeners on BaseElement

Member Function Documentation

◆ getValueElement()

Element * AutoMagic::getValueElement ( )

Gets the Value element if it still exists.

Pointer to the value element, or NULL if the value element was destroyed.

◆ installAutoMagic()

void AutoMagic::installAutoMagic ( SeparatistaDocument pDocument)

Global method for hooking AutoMagic to documents

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